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This website is about my project anders segeln ('sailing different'). I am operating a wooden sailing boat named LILULEJ and offer her as pleisure craft for captained charter and for sail-training, in inshore variation. modernised classic boating / nearby capital gunkholing. She is stationed at Scharfe Lanke, a bay of River Havel south of Spandau, one of the classical West-Berlin sailing waters, just outside urban quarters. If you like to sail, this is an opportunity to do so easily, even in the big city, without the need to obtain a licence. If you've never tried sailing, I would love to open this fascinating outdoor sport to you, teach you the basics and more. Furthermore this is about the exploration of new ways: sailboat cruising seen as a kind of body-mind-work, in relation to various movement arts, e.g. contact-improvisation and sensual play. Different worlds in juxtaposition, bearing a lot of experiences and useful skills, to stimulate each other. Activities and workshops are regularly organised / taught in german, but can be offered in english, too.

Until I have found time to translate the whole website, please contact me for more information:

Ole Mirjam Rüppell
Boatcharter and Sailing School
- anders segeln -
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Waldemarstraße 26
10999 Berlin

phone  +49 (0)30 60926088
e-mail  o.m | at | anderssegeln.de

All prices noted are endprices for the offered services (berthage fees and food are regularly excluded and will be shared, if necessary). Because of small enterprises status, according to german turnover-tax-law, I'm not charging VAT.

Images shown on this website are own works, otherwise marked different.
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